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Our Culture

I started working at Carl's Jr. ® as a part-time cashier while attending high school. Like every teenager, this was going to be my 'passing through' job. Fortunately, I was persuaded to become a Shift Leader and then a General Manager. I really enjoyed being a General Manager for a few years, but then decided to become a Regional Trainer. After being a Regional Trainer, I was encouraged to become a District Manger, my current position. 23 years later, this 'passing through' job of mine has now turned into a career that I truly love and enjoy every day!
I joined Carl's Jr.® in September of 1985. I started as a General Manger in Sacramento. I was married with three small children and looking for long term, dependable employment. In 2007, I was promoted to District Manager and have been managing in the Santa Barbara area since then. Carl's Jr.®	has been stable and steady place for me, where with hard work and commitment, you will succeed. There is a great team spirit here that encourages us all to do our best. I started to work for Carl's Jr.® in 1986 as a crew person. I was very young and didn't know English very well, but with hard work and a can-do attitude, I was promoted to Shift Leader within the first year. After nine years I was promoted to General Manage, then in 2009 I was promoted to District Manager. While working for Carl's Jr.®, I met the love of my life; we have been married for 21 years and have four children. Thanks to Carl's Jr.®	I have the life I always hoped for.
I started working for Carl's Jr.® when I was 16 as a fry cook. I was soon promoted to a Shift Leader. After a few years, I took a break to get married and start my family. I missed the people and the atmosphere at Carl's Jr.® and went back 5 years later. I started back as a cook, and with hard work and dedication, I was promoted to General Manager in a couple of years. I loved being a General Manager and stayed for about 3 years until I was promoted to a District Manager in 2009, I often dreamed that I was working for Carl's Jr.® the years I was raising my family, as soon as I came back to work, the dreams stopped. I believe that is because I am living my dream!
I started working at Carl's Jr.® as a crew person in 1988; with some hard work and dedication, I was promoted to Shift Leader and then to Restaurant Manager. Today I am a District Manager in Southern California. I started to work for Carl's Jr.® when I was 16 ands still in high school because that was the place to work in Barstow! I started off as a crew person and was ready to move up to Shift Leader on my 18th birthday. I loved being a shift leader because I learned so many great things. From there I was promoted to Assistant Manager then to a General Manager. As a General Manager I ran two of the busiest restaurants in the Company and that kept me very excited and enthusiastic about doing well. My current position is Regional Trainer and I continue to love working at Carl's Jr.® It is now 21 years later and I'm still moving up!